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Welcome to: The Song of MySelf

By Trudie Heiman

4th edition 2020 digital only: Published by
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The Song of MySelf

a Pre-EAP writing program features

  • Journal writing with letters to and from your teacher.
  • You! Your ideas, your dreams, your feelings!
  • A portfolio of course-work for grades. (No tests!)
  • Re-drafting to increase your skills.
  • Writing to develop your English fluency and accuracy.
  • Getting you ready for English of Academic (EAP) course work/ and written tests in ILETS /TOIEC etc.

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More Information for Teachers

A Lexical Approach to writing using corpus research findings (computer research on language) plus process writing skills development.

More Information for Students

A complete LMS Learning Management System comes with these course materials so you can message and send documents to your teacher from inside this website.

  • Little or no error correction but aims to help students to self- correct and redraft improving each draft introducing various skills/ tools for improving each draft. For example, thesaurus work, adding in language chunks (prepositional phrases, adjectives, adverbials etc.)
  • Encourages students to write a lot accommodating mixed level classes from false beginner to pre-EAP level Mid-intermediate).
  • Journal writing for self- expression with no error correction but encourages teachers to write to each student periodically according to their situation to accommodate and encourage communication skills.
  • I suggest only journal writing for homework, which should be handed in bi –weekly or monthly according to teaching situation.
  • All classroom process writing activities should be done in classroom time with teacher providing one- on- one tutoring while students complete various process -writing tasks.
  • The tasks are designed to support the journal writing activities.
  • No need to communicate via your personal email.
  • You can store your files here as well until you are ready to send them.

The Lexical Portfolio Course

a 4-skills lexical approach to language learning is designed for false beginners through to intermediate level This fully online corpus- based course helps students identify high frequency words (0- 3 k frequency bands) missing from their vocabularies and provides them with a wide variety of activities, vocabulary learning strategies, Students create personal vocabulary study lists! Many useful free online tools for language learning are introduced for which we find "good uptake" meaning students will continue using these tools after this course. good for mixed- level classes.

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