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The Song of Myself
The Song of MySelf : Student Edition

An online interactive corpus-based writing course of language learners

Author: Trudie Heiman
First Published: 1995(Paper editions)
DigitalEdition: 4th edition
ISBN Status: TBA: Non Registered
Beta Versions: 2010 with ongoing updates

1 year

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Please note: All student work removed from LMS area after 1 year 3 months.

The Song of MySelf : Teacher Edition
1 year

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  • Student work/ results remain in LMS area for 2 years 6 months.
  • All student data downloadable to Excel Files/Numbers Files



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The following feedback was kindly forwarded to by Professor David Ulvog / Okinawa Christian University, Japan who used The Song of MySelf Course materials with their students for approximately 5 year period. Now posted in our new reviews section below.
  • By the way, the journal think me about important things in daily life I don't think such things as forgiveness, a magic day, gratitude , etc. Thanks to the journal I know myself little . I learned not only English but knowledge.
  • I don't keep my dairy so the journal is a good opportunity to think and write about myself.  
  • The journal writing was the most useful for me to improve my English.
  • In the journal, I have to know many words. I have to look for many words. After all I could know many words.
  • P.S. The journal helped my English and this is my treasure.
Reply:- These comments were selected from a few of my students' journals which were created over 16+year period in classes I taught. This text book was a paper edition at that time. If any of my former students wander by here many thanks for your hard work and I would be delighted to hear from you. Trudie Heiman
  • I was reading through the students' journals for the Song of Myself to do a final check of their work and write my Happy Trails letter, and this year, just as with every year, I love the results! The students who do the work (there are always a few who put off the first few weeks and then can't overcome the tsunami of writing) really get into it and do a fantastic job.
  • I have to take my hat off to you for creating such a great writing guide! Some of the students comments are just what a teacher likes to hear, such as "I hated it in the beginning, but kept going and learned a lot about myself." Thank you again and again.
Reply:- Professor Ulvog: Many thanks for providing these very kind words of praise. I am so grateful to you for using this text book with your students over many long years. I am even more pleased to hear you and your students felt you got real value from these materials; value in terms of moving your students' English skills ahead and value in terms of the personal development topics being meaningful journal writing activities. Thanks so much for your support over the years.